7 Best Summer Toy Activities

April 28, 2021

✍️  Cody Peterson   📍Irvine, California

As we approach the end of the month, summertime stands just weeks away from presenting us with opportunities for plentiful sunshine, and family summer festivities. This season carries camping trips and visits with loved ones, populated swimming pools and beachside bonfires. Every place seems more enlivened if only by the presence of the sun. It’s a time of love and laughter. Our PopFun-gineers have come up with 7 ideas for providing the bestfamily-wide summertime activities this season – all with a little help from the very best toys on the market. Products which have been created for the purpose of keeping the hearts, and wallets, of the whole family full  – PopFun can guarantee you and yours the best deals under the sun. Take hold of memorable family fun, and browse through the activities and items below; have a look at all that can be created with the Summer Splash selection, only from PopFun – located in Irvine, California.

Ring Around the Coconuts

For this activity, all you’ll need is a few friends ready for some relief from the hot summer sun, and the Inflatable Palm Tree Sprinkler from PopFun. Setup is simple – grab that handheld air pump inflator and bring this iconic coconut tree to life right before your very eyes. Standing at almost 5’  feet tall, this affordable inflatable only needs a water hose to start sprinkling down that wonderful summer season refreshment. Attach any garden hose easily to the base, and friends will be set up for a rousing game of Ring Around the Coconuts! Join hands with and twirl around the sprinkling palm tree for easy and simple summertime glee.

King of the Flamingo

A pooltime paradise isn’t far from reach with the Pink Flamingo Pool Float Collection. This exciting summer set comes packed with a pink flamingo pool floatie that’s fit for the finest water kings and queens in the land! That’s not all – the Pink Flamingo Pool Float features an additional set of 3 fun flamingo cup holders, a pack of Hawaiian leis, a travel bag, and a trio of PopFun’s terrific waterblasters. Have a blast by getting a game of King of the Flamingo  going – a fun new take on a classic game that’s sure to make a splash with summer guests, friends, and family alike. Experience a waterblaster battle for time in the pink seat: the perfect place for play-pretend royalty!  

Race through the Rings

There are plenty of different ways for families to beat the heat – but none more exciting than a family-wide swim race through PopFun’s Tube Rings! Easy to inflate and even easier to enjoy, these tube rings offer 3  uniquely decorated pool floats at an amazing summer-savings price. Holding the diameter of 2’ feet in floral inflatable fun, these rings can be used as pool floaties or, better yet, as colorful checkpoints for the best pool race under the sun! Toss the tubes in the water, spreading ‘em throughout the length of the pool.  Grab your phone, glance at the clock, and set up time trialsfor swimmers – young or old! Squeeze through the rings or collect ‘em as you swim by. The choice is yours, but the fun is for sure!

Biggest Bubble of the Bunch

Who doesn’t enjoy playing in the sun while having a bit of bubblewand fun? Better yet – how about mega  sized bubbles for even bigger bouts of family bubble magic! The Kids Mega Giant Bubble Wand from PopFun provides the absolute perfect bubble wand experience for friends to enjoy in the summer sun. Kick the magic into overdrive with this set by grabbing a wand and making big bubbles in the backyard or the park – convenient enough to bring along anywhere and engaging for everyone! The biggest bubblewand in the bunch boasts over 10” inches in diameter, so big bubbles’ll be easy to make for everyone. Grab a wand and begin finding out who among you can blow the Biggest Bubble of the Bunch!  Take the title this summer season with the Mega Giant Bubble Wands – promised to provide tons of excitement, and none of the yawns.

Waterwall Basketball

Almost everyone’s enjoyed a game of basketball on the courts – but the Splash Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball offers an experience perfect for summertime competitions galore! Featuring all the fun packed inside one of the world’s most beloved ball games, this set’s got everything you need to kick off a game of water ball – a Splash Hoop sporting a heavy-duty net, 2 Water Basketballs, and even a ball pump ensuring awesome amounts of air, every time. The Splash Hoop measures close to 2’ feet of floating water basket entertainment. Once the waves start pumping in the pool, it’ll sure feel like you’ve just started up a game of Waterwall Basketball. Promising smiles and savings for all, it’s easy having a ball with this set – and keep in mind it’s delightfully designed, accommodating friends short and tall.

The Sprinkler Splash Obstacle Course Run

Set up an obstacle course that’ll bring guaranteed fun for friends looking for a little relief from that hot summer sun! Get ahold of some items convenient or close-by, using a little bit of at-hand resources and just a dash of creativity to organize a simple obstacle course. Once you’ve set up the course, place the Sea Animal Pad Sprinkler at the end for a picture-perfect finish that’ll refresh, excite, and more! Set up is simple – just attach the splash pad to any water hose and watch the good times roll! Decorated with all types of adorable aquatic animals and coral reefs, this splash pad measures out to over 5’ feet of obstacle course finish line relief!

Deep Sea Divers Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ fashioned treasure hunt? The Underwater Diving Toys Set from PopFun’ll make for the perfect summertime pool activity that involves a treasure hunt with the whole family! Packed with 30 pieces of sinking summer treasure that boast bright, eye-catching colors, one look at this product ought to be followed by a purchase – it’s a no brainer! There are all types of exciting sinking treasure  fun: tropical fishes, sink rings, pirate jewels, sailboat ropes, deep sea ribbon, and more. Toss ‘em in the pool and watch each piece descend upon the pool floor in style and grace – you can even assign points to each particular item, or even a specific pool place!

Choose a couple of activities from this list to kick off the season right – and don’t forget to check out what we’ve got for you and yours inside the Treasure Box.

From the friends over at PopFun, wishing your family all the warmth and happiness provided by time with family in the light of the summer sun.

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