How to enjoy Easter at home after the egg hunt?

March 31, 2021

✍️  Cody Peterson   📍Irvine, California

From the eyes of a child, this weekend’s holiday serves as an excellent marker for Spring’s seasonal blessings. The vibrant fauna and singing wildlife might even be chalked up to some jolly old sage practicing magic, not unlike those found hidden inside the pages of your youngest’s favorite fairytale. Certainly if, for imagination’s sake, you were to encounter the coming of Spring with the mind of a child, it might appear as just that: plain old storybook magic. I can remember a time or two from my childhood where that very sense of surreality brought me to a place of wonder that is admittedly a difficult achievement inside life after adolescence. Looking at all these Easter eggs and toys in my home, I, for a moment, find myself in a reverie. Seizing that special mindset yields some pretty entertaining results, making it easy to envision the beauty brought by Spring as the result of some deep and powerful spell, conjured by grey-haired ancients bearing gnarled staves. Perhaps I might view it the work of a witch who could be found at once touting mischievous smiles and withered wands. Whether you’d prefer contemplating this as a matter of magic, like a child, or something else entirely, one fact remains true: this special season is a bringer of beauty and renewal to all. And by all I do mean just that, all.Spring spares neither hillsides nor households from her picturesque, albeit pollinic, presence.

But Spring hasn’t been our only visitor as of late. Early last year, a shadow was cast over the land which, within moments, seemed to reach as far as the east is from the west. Called by many names, I prefer to call coronavirus what it is at its core. We’ve seen it fairly often through our collective and storied past: Pestilence. This foe’s rather insidious inclinations stand in stark contrast to Spring’s natural virtue; serving as an example of the eternal battle between that which brings life, and that which smothers the same. Like Spring, neither hillside nor household has been untouched by the effects of that old enemy Pestilence. Spring, however, remains undeterred by its efforts. Looking to the past, I see that we stand victorious over the old foe time and time again. It’s true what they say in that old adage, life does find a way. And what better way to commemorate this victory than with the Easter holiday? Faithful folks of all kinds celebrate Easter under the umbrella of this very theme: the proclamation of life’s victory over death. Nature, too, in the cycle of seasons, tells a similar story. However your family commemorates the holiday, beyond  the beloved Hunt, this life-affirming theme makes it simple to celebrate. And rest assured, there are reasons to celebrate.

With countries collaborating across the globe, Pestilence’s presence lessens by the day. Someday soon, we will look back on this and claim it as yet another victory, one of life and joy over sickness and despair. As of right now, and as it always will be, Pestilence has chosen the path of retreat. Remaining careful and cautious, both Spring’s arrival and Pestilence’s departure can be celebrated safely from the house. Here at Pop Fun, our team has been thinking of ways in which we can help families find a fulfilling way to kick off this new season in life. In this final week of March, I am proud to offer up a few avenues for celebrations which we hope to be a vehicle that may deliver Spring’s virtues into your very own home.

Backyard Campout

Families choosing to stay home for the holiday, while still wanting to enjoy Spring’s gifts, can host a backyard campout barbecue with the family. The Easter Egg Hunt is a wonderful time but, more often than not, a brief time. The eggs have been found, and your children are eagerly awaiting enjoyable ways to spend the rest of the holiday. What better way to reveal the spirit of Spring than with a backyard campout? The home is arguably the best campsite of all, and most certainly a place where you can safely make memories with your family this Easter.

The Song of Spring

Showing no partiality in regards to age, but certainly favoring the holidays, music and song remain amongst the most powerful tools one can use for the purpose of fostering meaningful connections with loved ones this Easter. You have the opportunity to engender an excitement for this sacred pastime with your little ones of any age, all while staying safe and comfortable at home. Children across the world are naturally drawn to music and song, and Pop Fun has crafted this collection of instruments for that very reason. Spring is the perfect season for your children to make their music, performing alongside songbird and cicada alike. Bring the concert indoors if need be, because at the end of the day, you and your family can sound the song of Spring wherever you like.

Spring Showers

Fun as it is imagining the old sage or the westerly witch as the force behind the foliage, we know it to be caused by a couple of the more common elements. The Spring season, and all of her beauty, comes from two timeless elements in nature: sunshine and rain. Owing to the ingenuity of those that came behind, we’re more than able to imitate the rain, even on those warm and sunny days. With Pop Fun’s play-pad sprinkler, your time in the sun this Easter holiday won’t be ill-spent. Decorated with all sorts of ocean animals, your little ones are guaranteed to enjoy hours of waterpark-level entertainment from the safety and comfort of home. If being in the outdoors is your family’s thing, ring in Spring with a splash with this product.

Outdoor Easter Game-a-thon

Families that stay home this holiday certainly don’t have to stay sedentary. This weekend is sure to bring Spring’s beauty to your own backyard, and keeping your kids entertained with outdoor games is one of the best ways to experience the environment while engaging with your little ones. Gather the children and get some outdoor games going for an Easter holiday that’ll bring in a little exercise, and a whole lot of entertainment. Pop Fun’s Outdoor Game collection provides an entertaining way to make sure your family remains healthy from home. Parents can get creative with the way they choose to organize the friendly family competition, knowing that the children are going to love being outdoors besides the ones they love.

There’s always an opportunity to bring the magic back to the holidays, and this weekend is no exception. You just have to know where to look, and lucky for us, life is blooming all around. This Easter, be sure to add that dash of magic to your memory-making, and your children won’t soon forget it.

We here at Pop Fun would like to wish you and your family a safe and joyful holiday weekend.

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