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3 Toys Showing the Spirit of Fun Little Toys

May 19, 2021


✍️  Cody Peterson   📍 Irvine, California

A sunny and breezy mid-May afternoon led to an exciting, impromptu party this past Tuesday. All taking place on an Irvine park playground, we found ourselves sat right next door to PopFun headquarters in the heart of beautiful Southern California. Fun Little Toys found their way into the hands of some wonderful friends and the rest, as they say, was history! Starting off with a rousing game involving our very own Wooden Ring Toss Set, parents, colleagues, and kiddos alike enjoyed a classic game, bringing together the whole park crew without such as a moment’s notice.

This classic game is effortless to enjoy for friends and fans of all  ages – but not so easy to walk away from. Rest assured that PopFun’s team came prepared to provide variety, carrying with them the spirit of Fun Little Toys alongside some of their most enjoyable  sunny season  party games. Ring toss could be found in good company  as you’ll see in the pictures below, both the Kids Pop Up Camping Tent Collection  and another of Fun Little Toy’s finest came along for this particularly pleasant mid-May Party. An awesome time doesn’t need much other than a little bit of sunshine and a selection of Fun Little Toys  – precious playtime products which can be spotted decorating the pages of PopFun.

Dear readers, check out these  awesome  snapshots from this week’s extra special party at the park. Backed by a platform designed to offer products made with genuine care, these pictures do an excellent  job portraying the spirit of the PopFun's original and beautiful brand, Fun Little Toys.

The Ring Toss Begins!

Anticipating The Score


Soaring To Victory

Sailing Through The Playground

A Perfect Way To Celebrate The Day

Here's to the beginning of a season spent with family and friends in the light of the summer sun. Enjoy times like these effortlessly with PopFun. Happy shopping!

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