4 Simple Steps for Cleaning Toys

September 17, 2021 5 min read

4 Simple Steps for Cleaning Toys

Summertime came and went, affording us little more than a polite smile and a brief hello. As my family prepared to convene in the name of that hurried visitor, and the introduction of Fall, this past Sunday, I confess, dear readers, I found myself in a state of error: fixated on things which, in retrospect, didn’t really deserve my attention. Things I needn’t dwell on, most especially on a Sunday morning; most especially with my family. The reason I was preoccupied hadn’t been work, or any of the larger, global issues we face today. Neither the upcoming batch of PopFun toys occupied my headspace, nor did environmental awareness (even though it certainly should have been), and the importance of, say, reusing, reducing, and recycling. Certainly none of those things were living in my head at the time.

My thoughts wandered to generally irrelevant things, as thoughts have a tendency of doing. I wondered if my plate had the right amount of servings to fend off a generational affliction better known as my family’s appetite. I wondered if the dessert would provide sugar enough to satisfy the sweetest of teeth. I wondered if I had chosen a wardrobe that would stand firm in the face of those foods that lie in wait, plotting to thieve hard-wrought laundry and personal dignity alike. As I contemplated these worries, stubborn as they are silly, we had already arrived at our destination: my childhood home, known to others as a lovely little piece of earth on the edge of a small city in southern California. That beauty, fortunate as I am to call it familiar, demanded my attention be directed elsewhere. And just like that, these thoughts shifted to the earth and her gifts, alongside the newness brought along with it.

Everything was just as beautiful as I remembered it to be growing up, and equally striking. The golden hills were splashed with colors: deep greens, purples, yellows alike. Beautiful shades and hues that make you question whether or not they had always been this vibrant. I suspect we’re all familiar with that strange sense, one born of a mix between old memories and beauty forgotten. Pulling onto my old street that lives beside those same wise, rolling hills, I noticed my neighbor going down the trail next to our homes. It’s a Sunday morning, and this gentleman, one I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most all my life, is walking up and down this trail, all while holding a bag of trash accompanied by a smile. An odd thing to encounter, but an inspirational oddity at that. Dusting off the cobwebs, I recalled that this kind fellow practices keeping a cleanly home almost weekly, and has done so for years. It dawned on me that this piece of earth is kept in such a state of beauty through the actions of that proud spirit most certainly held by my lifelong neighbor.

These are the consequences, and they are astounding. The very same spirit which calls for maintenance and upkeep of your own home: land which has surrounded you or currently surrounds you, buildings which you either have occupied or currently occupy. What better time to be reminded of this spirit than the beginning of Fall? I don’t think we here at PopFun are the first to raise a flag around the grave importance of a friendly, and cleanly, spirit. The team and I all came up with a few steps that we thought might help you, too, bring life to this cleanly affect, most especially concerning that area in which we as an organization are most qualified: Fun Little Toys, old and new, currently sharing a home with the children in your life.

Step One: Gather Up the Old Toys

Following the exemplary model my neighbor set through restoring and maintaining that fresh, natural beauty, and hearkening that familiar old notion of Spring cleaning, the first step involves gathering up those old things once loved: trash. As we’ve all seen, time and time again, these old things have a tendency to sit around, providing nothing us nothing but unwanted decoration. Parents ought to heed the call and gather up the old toys: things once loved which function now, not in offering enjoyment and laughter, but in providing a home to a range of potential problems. Malfunctions, maybe; pathogens, perhaps; dust, definitely! Whatever these old toys might house, one thing is certain, and that is they no longer live up to the purpose of their original design. This is the sometimes sad, but always certain, reality of things we tend to throw in the garbage. But this is a time for cleaning, and as we’ve seen, it can only serve to benefit us in a way that we can only begin to imagine.

Step Two: Recycle or Donate the Old Toys

As my neighbor gathered up that hillside garbage, he trashed what could be trashed and recycled what could be recycled. More than that, he did this regularly. We are talking about toys here, however, and the good news I pronounce unto you is that almost every play-thing can avoid the trash bin. With relative ease, these old toys can be recycled or donated: crucial actions that you, as parents, can take to model being an individual that cares for their home; children watch and imitate with a close-eye. Parents would do well taking that bag of old toys, and donating it to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you’re a member of a church, you can even donate them to the children’s ministry. Donating toys to any of these places make an excellent choice, an action done with purpose, where they might prove a blessing to little ones whom may not have everything our children usually do.

Step Three: Sanitize the Remaining Toys

The next step for parents undertaking a toy clean involves just that, cleaning! Parents would do well to give their precious kid’s toys a deep clean, as they share a home with your family and an intimate space with your loved ones. Let’s face it, no one enjoys hosting a dirty houseguest. Practicing regular sanitization of the home is something I’m sure you’re all familiar with, but it’s easy forgetting about those toys inhabiting various corners of the house. Open up that play-chest, and spray down each toy with your germ-exterminator of choice! Your kids will love playing around with their squeaky-clean toys, and you’ll be providing a protected playtime environment rid of pathogens and pests alike.

Step Four: Buy New Toys

The fourth and final step moves us back to the example set by earth herself, and is best summed up in that phrase out with the old, in with the new. The earth brings us new gifts each year, captivating and vibrant, an example we’d do well to follow. Parents, just as earth provides us new environments, provide your children new toys. Bestow a model of good, and natural, behavior to your own children, not dissimilar to the way my neighbor and the way our natural dwelling bestowed breathing examples of the same to me. Fulfill this fourth step and purchase new toys from our selection here at PopFun. You’ll receive excellent customer care, lightning-fast delivery, and amazing value at an affordable cost. This I can guarantee, friends. An excellent way to wrap up the cleaning day, surprise your kids with a toy encouraging enthusiasm for our environment: PopFun’s own Recycling Truck. Your kids are bound to enjoy their new, earth-friendly toy; a toy serving as an exciting example of personally caring for the environment in a way that brings endless enjoyment, laughter, and love.

It’s my sincere hope that families across the nation ring in the holiday season the way my good neighbor, and the season herself, has modeled for us.

On behalf of everyone here at PopFun, I wish you an enjoyable transition into the holidays: one with less of those pesky anxieties, and one full of fulfillment and propriety.

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