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Creating Lasting Memories with Easter Toys

March 16, 2021 1 Comment

✍️  Cody Peterson   📍Irvine, California


Families are drawing together, rabbits happily hopping through children’s dreams and imaginations. Parents are figuring out what they need to do to make this holiday a memorable one. All these things can only mean one thing: Easter is here. Here at Popfun, we know how important the holidays are. And what is it that makes Easter so special to kids? For most, this holiday between holidays brings up happy memories of family and friends, sunshine and laughter, backyard barbecues and church services. Whatever your particular traditions are surrounding Easter, one popular ritual captures our collective imagination. The Easter Egg Hunt! The fact of the matter is simple; the Easter Egg Hunt is a beloved pastime of kids; capturing the spirit of adventure, mystery, and surprise lying close to their hearts with a seemingly casual ease. Family and friends love the magic, the sense of discovery in this joyous occasion, and it all seems to be rooted inside a child’s love for discovery. That being said, why is it then we so-closely associate Easter with thoughts of candy-filled eggs, or chocolate bunnies? Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, even local community leaders have the opportunity to place value in the holiday in the ways which matter most.

Easter Toys for Easter Parties


Now, I must admit that it’s unclear to me what candy-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies might signify, on an ethical level, for the precious children in our respective families, schools, communities. I am not going to wax philosophical. Yet it’s clear to me that this holiday is all about connection, making memories that we share together. This Easter, we can show our children what we value and cherish, and focus on the experiences we make. Real connections that are meaningful come by what we share and express with each other. Parents have the opportunity to create meaningful memories with their little ones, in a language of play that brings fun to the moment. A connection, a trulymeaningful scenario is best formed through dialogue. And our kids speak through toys.


Easter Interaction Toys for Kids

In the backyard of my childhood home, I can remember having just discovered an egg that’d been half-tucked in the soil of a small potted plant. A smile was painted on my face; I had, after all, just discovered something. I ran directly to my father, holding the egg in the air in front of him, proud of what I’d accomplished. Opening the egg together, he was smiling, as the magic of discovery is beloved at any age. I found no chocolate. Chocolate, quickly consumed and quickly forgotten. Instead, I found a great toy car, which we rolled back and forth between us that day. A small piece of plastic that captured a big piece of my heart, not because of how it looked or what it did, but simply because I was able to roll it around for hours with my dad. Little did I know in the moment, but this warm memory became unforgettable, and remains in my heart as I write. Demonstrate with your children, your friends and family, that which you value. Create an environment of discovery this Easter, where your children might also run up to you, excited, proud of their discoveries.

We here at Popfun Toys are happy to help. See what we have to offer by checking out our website. And may your Easter this year, and always, be memorable and bright.

Speak. What is it that you value?  

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April 24, 2021

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