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How These 8 Toys Are Perfect Early Learning Tools

May 06, 2021

✍️  Cody Peterson   📍 Irvine, California

Entertaining your children in a way that’s both engaging and educational is probably the most parent-preferred shape of playtime. It’ll come as no surprise that children, too, choose toys that bring satisfaction to a curiosity and a delight to the senses. Curiosities are a determined bunch, however, marching ever-forward and bringing that-which-delights  along for the journey. Early childhood development experts tell us that there are ages which contain marked  differences concerning what sort of toy engages a child and what sort of toy educates a child. A toy designed specifically for a child a few weeks shy of 18 months will be of little benefit to the boy entering kindergarten, just as his preferred toys will be of little benefit to his big sister in the 3rd grade.

For those parents wanting to provide their children with the perfect  toy, the toy that will at once delight and educate their little ones, search for your kid’s particular point in their development in the list below and choose a toy that’s designed to benefit and certain to become beloved. Popfun has an excellent  selection, and I’ve chosen a handful to highlight below.

1-12 MonthsThe Foundations: Sensory Play, Hand-Eye Coordination, Early Problem Solving

  • The Ocean Animal Playmat – Provide the perfect place for your child to develop their abilities to walk and recognize shapes of common aquatic animal friends from the sea for under $15
  • Sort Stack & Balance Blocks – Brightly colored with beautiful shapes and stackables,bring your little one this terrific little toy for under $10

12-24 MonthsLaying the Bricks: Language Development, Recognition Skills, Early Problem Solving

2 Years & UpContinuing Cognitive Skills: Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking, and Physical Play

  • The Magnetic Drawing Board – An excellent tool designed for assistance in basic-shape identification and the development of a child’s literary and creative ability for under $10
  • Snowflake Rubber Set – An awesome arrangement of rubber snowflakes that’ll sharpen creative thinking for only $15
  • The Sandcastle Building Kit –A season-appropriate toy set that naturally boosts your child’s cognitive development and creative abilities for under $10
  • The Earth-Friendly Recycling Truck – Provide the perfect opportunity to speak with your child about the importance of eco-friendly fun for under $15

Invest in these toys, and you’ll be investing in your child’s education. After all, what’s more important than that?

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and educational  weekend. Signing off from Popfun Headquarters, located in sunny Southern California.

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