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12pcs Fancy Mini Cars Collection

Introduce your Kid Racer to Popfun's Fancy Mini Cars Collection!

Item Description

Kid Racers - start your engines! The Fancy Friction-Powered Kids Cars are ready-made for hitting the road with speed and smiles.. look over there!This amazing kid racing bundle provides 12 Pull Back car toys, so gather ‘round family and friends for a race that’ll entertain thewhole crew. Fancy Friction kids cars measure 2.4” inches in premium quality car length, painted in the brightest colors around. Invest in this amazingly affordable set and you’ll draw a crowd fit for the finest racers in town! Product comes packed with an additionalegg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize:12 treasure eggs packed inside! 

  • 12 Fancy Friction-Powered Cars
  • A Variety of Colors and Designs
  • 2.4” Inches in Premium Quality Car Length
  • Easy to Play, Exciting toRace!
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside

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