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Toddler Musical Instruments Playset

“Knack knack. Do you hear the rhythm coming from Pop Fun’s Toddler Musical Instruments Playset? Let’s create happy tunes together!” 

Beautiful Toddler Musical Instruments Playset!

Item Description

A gorgeous tune is filling up the room! Where is that sound coming from? Wow! I see a good variety of musical instruments in the corner! Are you a budding musician who loves melodious tunes? Hop in and try out Pop Fun’s musical instruments playset and impress your friends and family with your musical talent!

  • BUDDING MUSICIAN RHYTHM INSPIRATION SET: 12 toy musical instruments for kids
  • Includes egg shakers, a triangle with striker, finger castanet, sleigh bells, piccolo flute, wrist bells, tambourine, and xylophone with wooden mallets and maracas for kids
  • MELODIOUS TUNES: A great variety of toddler musical instruments including shaking, tapping, and blowing instruments offer a beautiful melody.
  • SAFE QUALITY: Made of non-toxic, premium sources of materials that are 100% safe
  • ASTM certified toddler musical toys.

Delivery Return Policy

COVID-19: We understand you may not be able to arrange a return as a result of your local public health regulations. In such cases, POPFUN will be flexible in accepting late returns: the period in which a return may be requested will be extended to 30 calendar days from the receipt of your order.

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