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Grand Re-opening

Extending a Warm Welcome to New, and Familiar, Pals of PopFun

With joy in our heart, the PopFun team is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our brand-new platform. has been transformed from a humble online toy store into an engaging, multi-brand online user platform. Carefully crafted to grant each user an easy and enjoyable time strolling through the selections decorating this digital world we are proud to call home.

As of this special summer 2021 Grand Re-Opening, our platform is serving as primary host to 2 brands both of which foretell a very bright future. These brands currently hosted by us go by the names of Fun Little Toys and Nifti Nest, showing up to the PopFun party with products that faithfully, consistently, and creatively mirror PopFun’s core product qualities: trendy, seasonal, and affordable.

If you’ve been a regular shopper with us since our late 2020 launch, you’ll see our familiar star products alongside an array of eye-catching new releases. These terrific toys come bearing new designs, added functionality, and last but not least, re-invigorated foci on connection. Connection to be created and nurtured from inside our homes to out-and-about our parks, from elementary classrooms to family vacations. To those friends just now making our acquaintance, we warmly extend a welcome to a place shaped to provide family and friends alike with the means to make magic. And just what do we mean by magic? Well, in this context the spirit of the word might best be represented as a beloved animal. And not just any animal. Imagine, for a moment, your animal. A prized pet serving as a faithful companion. This companion – feline or canine, reptilian or amphibian, born of air or born of sea, provides you with comfort and joy; this companion forms bonds. Companions which make you smile, laugh, and feel all of those sentiments sure to be cherished for years to come – and likely to last a lifetime. You see? Magic.

We believe that our products, too, might serve as a sort of companion to kids and to families, to classmates and to neighbors. Companions which help make memories fostered by the kind of joy so-easily found in toys. Companions consisting of seasonal home decorations, created to brighten and excite your everyday environment in-and-out of those holiday nights. With all that in mind, all of us at PopFun would like to wish you a happy time spent browsing the site. We’ve added new categories, new products, and new formatting. To start off the celebrations, we’ve made sure to include a special promotion for new friends and old friends alike. Enter the promotional code GrandOpening during checkout and receive $10.00off any order valued at $45 or more. Get on board with super savings and stroll through our stellar selection of trendy toys & seasonal decorations showing your support and ensuring your place as a certified Pal of PopFun. Happy shopping!