Animal Plush Toy 12 Pack

Bring Some Little Plush Friends Around With Fun Little Toy's Animal Plush Toy 12 Pack!

Hey there, friends of the animal kingdom! The Animal Plush Toy Collection from PopFun just came by - there’s adozenadorable animals looking for a new home boxed inside! Let’s see, there’s stuffed bunny and fluffy frog and...hey! ThePopFun lion’s hair looks like he just got done with a jog! Friends of adorable animals everywhere can enjoy these plush toysno matterthe look of their hair - each stuffed animal is made with premium quality plush material that’s guaranteed kid-friendly and adorable too. Stuffed animals never looked this good. Don’t think twice about giving a home to these furry little guys! Product comes packed with an additionalegg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize:12 treasure eggs packed inside! 

  • 12 Unique Adorable Animal Plush Toys 
  • A Variety of Colors and Designs
  • Plush Lions, Tigers, Ducks, Frogs, And More
  • Premium Quality, Comfy N’ Cozy Feel
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside