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24pcs Animal Rings Treasure Eggs

Add Popfun Animal Pizzazz To Your Next Party With The Animal Ring Collection!

Item Description

Check out all of the Amazing Animals here! Wow.That’s an impressive arrangement of animal toys: Wolf, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Lion, Cheetah, and so much more. Animal toys for kids have never looked this vibrantly colored - there’s dazzling detail on each piece! Wait a second - they are kid finger rings! How exciting - these Roaring Dinos look like they came out of actualdinosaur eggs. Product comes packed with an additional egg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize: 24  treasure eggs packed inside! 

  • 24 Dazzlingly-Detailed Animal Finger Rings 
  • A Variety of Exciting Colors and Designs
  • Premium Quality Prehistoric Representations
  • Easy to Play With, Exciting  to Learn!
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside

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