Fun Little Toys

Bowling Set

Introducing the Bowling Set from Fun Little Toys

These bowling balls make games easy and accessible, so Kid Bowlers don’t have to be Kid Bench-pressers to be able to handle these fun bowling necessities. Now once you got these perfectly sized play balls, go ahead and set up the 6 Grinnin’ Pins in a 1-2-3 order - classic bowling style, that is. Kid Bowlers oughta know that each Grinnin’ Pin is about 7.5” inches tall, and decorated with the likenesses of my furry friends here on the Fun Farm - I know they ain’t myreal farm friends, but be nice to ‘em anyways! Them folks at the PopFun Fun Farm filled each bowling pin with a fun n’ interactive piece of play that’ll really show once you knock ‘em down. Kid Bowlers, find out what’s in store with the Bowling Set that’ll have you smilin’ even more!

  • Endless Bowling: The bowling game playset contains 2 glossy bowling balls and 6 bowling pins with lively animal heads on the top
  • Perfect Size: Animal bowling pins are approximately 7.5" inches tall and contain varieties of ornaments inside
  • Easy Play: Bowling balls are lightweight and sized right for small hands
  • Fun-Sized Versatility:Fun Little Toys designed these perfectly for both indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Developmental Aid: Helps children improve hand-eye coordination, sensory awareness, and visual tracking