Bunny and Chick Plushies in Easter Eggs

"Be amazed by popfun's  Bunny and Chick Plushies in Easter Eggs! They come with cute bunny and chick pals that will keep you entertained for hours!"

Adorable Bunny and Chick Plushies in Easter Eggs!

Are you ready for mini surprises? We have mini Easter chicks and Easter bunnies tucked inside beautiful Easter eggs! Just imagine the smiles you'll see on kids’ faces when they are gifted with these adorable plushies! These plushies are stored inside 12 colorful Easter eggs! These soft plush pendants can be used as keychains or as decorative accessories for bags. Come and collect them all!

  • 6 different colored stuffed animal plush toys: purple, blue, yellow, pink, brown, and beige
  • 12 pieces of prefilled Easter eggs that are pre-filled with 6 adorable plush bunnies and 6 fluffy chicks
  • Add some fun to your Easter egg hunt games
  • These prefilled Easter eggs are perfect for gift handouts, Easter party favors, Easter gifts, Easter party decors at your Easter celebrations
  • Can be used as key chain accessories