Fun Little Toys

Christmas Linen Gift Bags

Gift with style using a little help from the Christmas Linen Gift Bags

Christmas Linen Gift Bags with Drawstrings, 12 beautiful bags for the price of 1! Use these Christmas bags for presents, party favors, or creative classroom handouts. Word on Snow Street is that this colorful collection of holiday cheer holders has 12 drawstring bags made from the finest burlap the elves could find. Each bag measures 8.9” inches in length, and 5.1” inches wide. Store anything in these bags, including Christmas candies, gift cards, and better yet - Fun Little Toys giftables. Any bag displays unique Christmastime beauty: St. Nick himself, the Gingerbread Man, Rudolph, Candy Cane, Mistletoe, and so much more! There won’t be any grinch stealing your holiday spirit this winter with these secure, portable Christmas Linen Gift Bags.

These large Christmas bags are cozily created to bring delight

  • Christmas Bag Collection:12 Seasonal Gift Bags to Provide that Extra Holiday Cheer Family and Friends Need
  • Delightful Designs: Each Gift Bag Displays a Unique Holiday Design Ensuring Ultimate Festivity
  • Superbly Measured:The Linen Holiday Bags are Measured at 8.9" inches in Length and 5.1" inches Wide
  • Classic Christmas: Fun Little Toys made illustrate each bag with classic Christmas symbols, such as St. Nick, the Gingerbread Man, Rudolph, and more
  • Linen Wonder: The Linen Used to Make Each Bag Is Made to Withstand Everyday Wear & Tear with Ease