Deluxe Wooden Train Set: City View

Introduce your Kid Builders to Fun Little Toy's Deluxe Wooden Train Set: City View!

The Deluxe Wooden Train Set: City Viewprovides a toy train set that makes an excellent addition to any Kid Builder’s playset! Jam-packed with 80 Play Pieces of Deluxe Train excitement, friends of all levels of creativity can easily set up this fantasticbuilding toy playset. With the ability to move the various plateaus decorated across the wooden play table, this table train set will provide plenty of space for your child to build up their creativity.. See what imaginative design your little ones come up with this wooden train table set! A perfectly measured playset like this makes for excellent portability andplayability: holding the dazzling dimensions of 31.5” in length and 22.8” in width, it’s the perfect size for leaving up as an exciting decoration in any Kid Builder’s room! Get on the train to entertainment today with this awesomely affordable set.

  • The Deluxe Wooden Train Set: City ViewMakes A Place For Kid Builders To Hone Their Creativity
  • A Premium Quality Playset Packed With 80Play Pieces Of Deluxe Train  Excitement
  • Kid Builder Customization Allows For Pieces To Be Moved Along The Track
  • Perfectly Sized Toy Train Playset That Measures 31.5” Long And 22.8” Wide
  • Eco-Friendly Product Made Primarily From Entirely Renewable Resources!