Fun Little Toys

Dinosaur Party Favors

Get the celebrations started with the Dinosaur Stamp Favors

Kid Dino enthusiasts, come aboard the party favor pathway to prehistoric entertainment with the Dinosaur Party Favors! Featuring over 170 Play Party Pieces of Jurassic-sized excitement: 24 dinosaur stamps, 6 dinosaur finger puppets, 9 sheets of stickers, 9 sheets of temporary tattoos. This play set is going to be perfect for any large classroom gathering, birthday party, even surprise get-togethers! Perfectly sized for play, kids are going to absolutely love decorating their pieces of paper with these party favors – get onboard with the Dinosaur Party Favors today!

  • Endless Enjoyment: These party favors for kids are going to provide endless enjoyment during playtime
  • Colorful Collection:Each of the stamps, tattoos display a beautiful collection of bright, eye-catching colors for kids to find
  • Multi-Use Gift:Use this dino play set as a gift to the classroom, or parcel them out to your kids one fun-dino at a time
  • Fun-Sized & Educational:Fun Little Toys designed this pack with real-life dinosaurs, allowing kids to memorize dino names while encouraging their creativity
  • Worry Free Warranty: This product comes alongside a 90 day worry free warranty