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Fun Little Toys

DIY Transforming Robot

Get transforming with the DIY Transforming Robot from Fun Little Toys

The DIY Transforming Robot Kit from Popfun gives kids all the robot-action entertainment alongside the educational value of a STEM toy: featuring 3 incredible forms that include Robot, Battle Tank, and Mecha-Scorpion and accompanying, detailed instructional manual. This robot toy is a sure-fire way to give kids an exciting playtime experience that engages their creativity, and boosts their confidence all at the same time! A young engineering mind will only benefit from the freedom to create that these robots for kids bring to the table. Safe, easy to use, and fun for ages, don’t miss out on this transformer toy only from Pop Fun, and remember: education doesn’t have to be without entertainment!

  • 3-in-1 Transforming Robot Experience:The DIY Transforming Robot Kit from Fun Little Toys provides the ultimate transforming robot experience: an educational 3-in-1 all-out robot action
  • Easily Shift Form:These robots for kids can easily shift between their three incredible forms
  • Engineered for SmartPlay:This robot toy doesn’t toy around when it comes to educational entertainment! Kids can access their creativity in untold ways when they unbox this transformer toy
  • Durable and Safe:Each robot toy piece in the collection is durable enough to withstand years of robot-level entertainment
  • Detailed Instruction Manual:The DIY Transforming Robot Kit makes playtime easy and fun for the little engineers in your life. This STEM toy makes engineering effortless for tiny toddlers just beginning to learn the ropes