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Easter Eggs Toy Set

"Crack open heaps of fun with Popfun's Easter Eggs Toy Set!"

Marvelous Easter Eggs Toy Set!

Item Description

Fill Easter baskets or goody bags with these bright-colored surprise eggs! This super value pack includes one dozen (12) surprise eggs in 4 vibrant colors: red, yellow, blue, and green, and provides endless fun and surprises since no one knows what’s inside them. The top and bottom parts of the eggs snap together to hide the most wonderful surprise inside. Each comes pre-filled with exquisite die-cast metal cars in assorted themes! Come and grab this impressive assortment of mini cars!

  • Assorted die-cast car pre-filled Easter Eggs
  • Plastic Eggs have thicker shells, height measures approximately 3.14 inches
  • Each egg comes with a die-cast car: includes an off-road car, police car, pick-up truck, tipper, excavator, construction vehicles, armored car, fire truck, and more metal cars for you to discover!
  • There are no duplicated metal vehicle models
  • Includes one dozen (12) Surprise Eggs in 4 Vibrant Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green
  • Provides endless fun and surprises since no one knows what’s inside them
  • Great for Easter Hunting Parties, Easter Events, Easter Egg Hunt Games
  • The perfect addition for Party Favors, Party Supplies, Goodie Bags, Grab Bags, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Holiday Gifts, and Birthday Parties

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