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Electric Remote Control Stunt Car

"Impress your friends with popfun's Electric Remote Control Stunt Car! Hop in and steal the show!"

Extraordinary Electric Remote Control Stunt Car!

Item Description

Now you can do daredevil tricks with the flick of a wrist. popfun's electric stunt car flips and performs full rotation turns with an ergonomic remote control that leaves a
spectacular show within your control!

  • Get ready for some awesome stunt action with the stunning 5-wheel stunt drive remote control roller car

  • Includes full functions control: forward, backward, 360-degree rotation and stunt rolling/deformation

  • Delight your little ones with constant rolls and flips

  • Rear wheels drive can be inverted with multi-angle, shock-resistance that brings hours of fun

  • Equipped with shock-resistance PVC wheels to reduce landing impact when playing stunt performances

Delivery Return Policy

COVID-19: We understand you may not be able to arrange a return as a result of your local public health regulations. In such cases, POPFUN will be flexible in accepting late returns: the period in which a return may be requested will be extended to 30 calendar days from the receipt of your order.

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