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Gardening Set for Kids

“Flowers are blooming about! Pop Fun offers a splendid Gardening Set for Kids!”

Exclusive Gardening Set for Kids!

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Item Description

As you watch the gardener maintain the yards throughout the neighborhood, aren’t you a bit curious about how the process works? You can get a taste of how it’s like to become a little gardener with Pop Fun’s gardening set! Let’s unlock each tool and figure out how gardening works!

  • GREAT VALUE: 16 pieces kids’ gardening set containing: 1 garden wagon, 9 garden tools, 4 flower pots, 1 watering can, and 1 water spray bottle
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: vibrant colors, made with durable plastic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly

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COVID-19: We understand you may not be able to arrange a return as a result of your local public health regulations. In such cases, POPFUN will be flexible in accepting late returns: the period in which a return may be requested will be extended to 30 calendar days from the receipt of your order.

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