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Fun Little Toys

Halloween Black Widow Haven

The Halloween Black Widow Haven is here to provide spooky season stylings

The Halloween Black Widow Haven comes packed with a giant queen spider and attached spider-silk web, both of which are guaranteed to bewitch your beloved guests this Halloween season. If you’re trying to set an amusingly macabre mood at your holiday parties, you’ve come to the right place! This giant spider set holds the diameter of over 4.5’ feet, and can be placed either indoors or outdoors, giving you a variety of frightening choices as to where you might choose to place the freaky-fun this Halloween. Fun Little Toys designs every product with the highest quality materials on the market, and allows the ability for reuse from haunted-holiday to haunted-holiday. 

  • Black Widow’s Haven:This spooktacular set of Halloween decorations includes a giant queen spider and attached silk web, which together hold the daunting diameter of over 57" inches
  • Frighteningly Multi-Functional:Spread it across your mantel for a living room fit for the living dead; you could even hang it over the length of your windowsill. Why not fit this fright on the front patio?
  • Hauntingly High-Quality:This mini-car sized Halloween ghoul is designed from 100% polyester: incredibly soft, durable, and washable
  • Classically-Scary Design:The spider has been a symbol for just about everything scary since our country adopted this hallowed holiday
  • Lightweight Decoration, Heavy Wallet:These Halloween decorations make it so you, too, can breakout into the world of Halloween haunts without breaking the bank