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Outdoor Play Set 18pcs

Item Description

  • Everything to Entertain:The 5-Piece Combination Outdoor Game Set provides countless hours of fun while camping, enjoying a picnic or barbecue, and so much more. Get a workout while entertaining your friends, family, or guests at a pool party, family get-together, or backyard cookout.
  • All the Best:Including the most popular, and fun, activities around, our Outdoor Game Set contains: Ring Toss (6 Flagpoles measuring 15” & 3 flying rings with a diameter of 9.4”), Self-Stick Paddle Toss and Catch (2 round mitts & 1 ball), Frisbee (3 frisbees with 8.8” diameter), Zip Ball, and Jump Rope (2 jumpropes). 
  • Going the Distance:Flying Rings with aerodynamic design have no trouble flying long-distances, and are 80% lighter than most other flying discs! These rings are easy, and fun, to throw and catch. 
  • Easy and Enjoyable:Hook-and-Loop fabric on the round mitts grips the ball extremely well, providing a breezy time of catch with none of the ball-dropping hassle. 
  • Classics:Jump Rope measures 7.3 feet in length, and includes comfortable handles for an easy grip. Enjoy these optimized takes on classic games today!

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