Pipes and Valves Bath Toys

"Let's give your child loads of scooping and pouring fun in the bathtub with popfun's Pipes and Valves Bath Toys!"


Wondrous Pipes and Valves Bath Toys!

Are you looking for a bath toy that will keep you entertained for a long time? These bright colored buddies are here to make your bath time more enjoyable! Let's turn bath time into a splashing adventure!
  • BUILD YOUR CREATIVITY: Includes 11 building pieces (tubular toy pipes and toy valves, shower spout, water funnel, and water wheel)
  • SPLASH N’ PLAY: Features a cute octopus
  • STACK, SCOOP, and POUR: Includes 4 colorful stacking cups 
  • The largest cup features a spinner that spins when water flows through