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Fun Little Toys

Pretend Play BBQ Kitchen Set

Introducing the Pretend Play BBQ Kitchen Set from Fun Little Toys

The Pretend Play BBQ Kitchen Set has a vast variety of play-pretend foods, and 49 pieces of food in total! This product comes stuffed with fried eggs, french fries, condiments, orange juice, soda pop, ears of corn, onion rings, butter, potato chips, and more. Uniquely-designed with a texture you can almost taste on each piece, this play kitchen set is guaranteed to become a favorite among your kids. Made to ensure your children’s safety, and manufactured to feed the imagination, this play food collection belongs in your playroom today.

  • The Total Package:This BBQ playset contains all the food that a Kid Cook could ever dream
  • Eclectic Eatery:The Kitchen Collection from Fun Little Toys contains everything one can eat in a classic-style American establishment
  • Texture You Can Almost Taste:Each uniquely-designed play pretend food piece is made with a texture that is true-to-form
  • Premium-Quality Play Food:While it’s not made for consumption, your Kid Cook will love choosing their pretend meals from this special kitchen collection
  • The Imagination Station:Allow your child to unlock their imagination with the Pretend Play BBQ Kitchen Set from Fun Little Toys