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Rainbow and Squid Kites

“As the gentle wind breezed through, you know it’s the perfect moment to fly kites! Popfun’s Rainbow and Squid Kites are overjoyed to fly and flutter under your control!”

Stylish Rainbow and Squid Kites!

Item Description

Create long-lasting impactful memories with Pop Fun’s kites! Let our kites soar through the breeze and sway into the wind! Launch the Rainbow Kite up into the sky and watch as it flies and flutters, or send a lively Orange Squid Kite soaring through the sky! Let’s catch some breeze with these beautifully designed kites!

  • 2 POPULAR HANDMADE KITES IN 1 PACK: A huge rainbow kite (W42.5’’ x L81.8’’) and orange squid with a long colorful tail kite (W28.7’’ x L157’’), flat spool handles, and 328ft (100 m) of kite string included
  • ASSEMBLED IN SECONDS: For the Rainbow kite, just insert the longer spine rod through the fabric piping and attach the crossbars to the kite
  • There is no assembly required for the octopus kite
  • The BEST OUTDOOR SUMMER TOYS: A great way to get your whole family into outdoor play
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Foldable and lightweight, incredibly compact and easy to transport
  • EASY TO FLY: Made with an exceptionally durable ripstop polyester fabric and a strong fiberglass frame, equipped with a flat spool for ease of ascension
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Never fly a kite near power lines, airports, and busy roads or in any kind of inclement weather

Delivery Return Policy

COVID-19: We understand you may not be able to arrange a return as a result of your local public health regulations. In such cases, POPFUN will be flexible in accepting late returns: the period in which a return may be requested will be extended to 30 calendar days from the receipt of your order.

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