Silly Slap Bracelets 72 Piece Party Pack

Fun Little Toys Has Everyone Excited About The Silly Slap Bracelets 72 Piece Party Pack!

72 pieces of the  finest  party pack to exist, you say? There’s  no  way! How can it be? Colorful and comfy, each of these kids slap bracelets must’ve come direct from the Bracelet King - there’s Funny Bunny, Super Star, and Baby Chickadee! A slap bracelet is better off when its not too short, not too long - Fun Little Toy's made sure that each slappingly styled bracelet is 9” inches long. Perfectly sized for friends to get crackin’, and start laughing! Slap the bracelet on the wrist, and a smile you’re sure to get. Packed with an additional  sheets of Easter-Theme Stickers and  9  sheets of temporary tattoos, Kid Partiers'll be  more  than ecstatic about this party pack that's all-about more than just a rabbit!

  • 48 Uniquely Designed Slap Bracelets 
  • Bracelets Come Beautifully Made In 6 Different Sunny Colors
  • Each Bracelet's Marvelously Measured For A Range Of Wrists At 9” Inches 
  • Easy to use -  Slap  It on and Watch it Wrap!
  • 9 Sheets Of Stickers And 9 Sheets Of Tattoos Packed Along Inside