Splash Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball

"An exciting swimming pool basketball game awaits! Slam dunk on pool parties with Popfun's Splash Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball gear!"

Modern Splash Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball!

If you enjoy playing basketball or similar sports, you will be thrilled to play basketball in the swimming pool! Popfun is redesigning fun! This is the perfect way to transform your average pool time into “game time”! It's time for you to show off your athletic skills with this swimming pool basketball hoop set! Hop right in and enjoy a fun game of challenging basketball right in the swimming pool!

  • Enjoy a fun game of basketball while splashing in the pool with the pool basketball hoop pool gear
  • The splash hoop gear stands 1.87 feet off of the water surface, the hoop opening is 14.17 inches in diameter
  • Includes a basketball hoop, heavy-duty net, 2 water basketballs, PVC tubing, and ball pump 
  • Easy to assemble: 3 pieces of foam keeps the basketball hoop afloat, while the durable PVC tubing ensures this fun outdoor pool toy will last for years to come
  • High-quality basketball hoop, great for both in-ground and above-ground pools or tubs