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Tot Tower Ball Drop

The Best Ball Drop Toy for the Family is Here

The Tot Tower Ball Drop makes the ideal toy for children ages 18 months & older. Provide an exciting and engaging way for little ones to hone skills foundational to the development of early motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this ball drop toy today. Safe and enjoyable, there’s no better way to invest in a gift for your child than this ball tower from Fun Little Toys. Everyone is going to absolutely adore the cute character designed to rest atop the tower. This friend is so lovable and attractively colored that everyone’s going to remember the Tot Tower at the next playdate.

Little tots are going to love watching and hearing each of the multi-colored Roller Balls slide down each of the included ramps. There’s no end to the playtime excitement! Cheer your roller on and clap along with sheer joy once it reaches the end of its journey.

Assembly is easy with this ball slide! Encourage the children to assemble and disassemble the portions of the plaything on their own, as all it takes is a gentle slide in the fitted compartments pictured above. Adult supervision is required.

 Benefits of the Ball Slide Toy

  • Get the Ball Rolling: The Tot Tower Ball Drop from Fun Little Toys includes 9 Multi-Colored Ramps which combine to make 1 Tot Tower. Additionally, there are 3 Roller Balls designed with Sound Beads inside making for a ball drop toy that is engaging to the majority of the senses!
  • Impressive Height, Easy Assembly: Designed at the height of 33.5” Inches, prepare to be delighted by a ball ramp tower toy for toddlers that is both perfectly sized and easy to assemble. You even have the luxury of designating different levels of height fit best to the child in your life.
  • Safety & Security: Fun Little Toys make safety a priority. The shown ball tower and accessories have passed U.S. Toy Safety standards, while also engineered with a large enough structure that’s intended to discourage all types of common, yet unsafe, play practices.
  • Effortless to Enjoy: Take 1 of the 3 Roller Balls and drop it on any of the Multi-Colored Ramps to get the ball rolling! This ball slide toy makes for an experience that is easy to enjoy for kids of all ages. Watch on in excitement as the ball glides through each of the ramps in the Tot Tower Ball Drop effortlessly.
  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination: Encourage a healthy development of early hand-eye coordination with this toy today. Beyond that, let them discover what a joy it can be creating things to be used in fun and exciting ways.