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For Those End of Summer Revelers

August 06, 2021 3 min read

For Those End of Summer Revelers

Imagine a story with me. A familiar bundle of glossy paper hangs on the wall next to the refrigerator. Displayed below a picture illustrating a sandy beach there stands a six-letter word, bold and beautiful, reading  August.  Rows of white boxes occupy the page draped underneath, the first several having been crossed through with marker. The square bearing a modest number5in the upper left-hand corner offers but a single delicately scrawled phrase –End of Summer Backyard Party.

Knock, knock,  knock.  The sound moves from the front door through the entryway and into the living room. Dad’s old clock appears to have raised its hands to the sky in celebration – both the sights and the sounds confirm that it is, in fact, Saturday. And the house is about to be bustling with small children and big smiles.

This parent is prepared, wearing a smile somehow larger than those of all the kiddos finding their way through the house, into the yard. And I’ll let you readers in on the reasoning behind the season-appropriate, sunny disposition found on this particular parent. A selection of our terrific toys seem to have found their way into their shopping cart and, just days later, onto their front porch.

Now this instance was dreamt up. A pure fiction, to be sure, but reflective of what we here at PopFun wish to provide when we envision the families who so decide to support us.

Parents looking to provide family and friends with a special touch of memorable magic this Summer without sacrificing a sizeable selection of their wallet needn’t look any further than the Fun Little Toys found below. I am proud to present the long sought-after list of PopFun’s perfect party pals.

For Precious Partygoers Feeling A Need For Speed

I Don’t Mean To Muddle, Are You Blowing Bubbles?

  •      Mini Bubble Tubes Set – Get the camera ready for bottle-shaped, ice-cream cone bubble holders alongside a bubble blowing fun-frenzy for under $15
  •      Giant Bubble Wands – Make the most of your end to summer with this mega marvelous set of bubble wands big enough to make this party the best one yet for under $20

A Little Bit of Prehistoric, A Little Bit of Plush

  •      Wind Up Walking Dinosaurs – These dynamite dinosaurs make for a terrific toy time that’s action-packed and full of fun dinosaur variety for under $25
  •      Animal Plush Toy 12 Pack – Last but not least, make your Summer party shine with aseaof 18 plush toys perfect at any playtime for under $10
Did I mention that these toys come packed with a bonus prize? Parents prepared to make the best start to their Summer’ll be sure to get these fun little toys off the screen, and into their little one’s playset. Load up your shopping cart and experience our safe and simple checkout – savings like these are our  best  yet.

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