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Our Journey So Far

Our founder, Jacob Sun, launched PopFun in October of 2020 with one brand and grand plans:
Fun Little Toys that were affordable and enjoyable for families from coast to
coast. The holidays came and went leaving customers satisfied, but our team
knew that we needed to provide that special something to make PopFun theplace
for family-fun buys and savings on seasonal home stylings.

After Easter of 2021, equipped with deeper understanding and common vision, our team began
implementing everything they had envisioned for their platform’s future. Coinciding with the creation
of a brand-new platform came the addition of an exciting new brand: Nifti Nest.
Nifti Nest provides seasonal home decorations designed to delight the family, uplift
the spirit, and celebrate the holidays with smiles, and with style.

Summer 2021 marks the Grand Re-Opening of the platform, one which now serves as proud
host to 2 of our finest brands which we believe to be destined for good things.
The future is bright.

location of popfun's usa office

Our Core values


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