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The Scientific Benefits Behind Pretend Plays for Your Boys and Girls!

January 25, 2022 3 min read

The Scientific Benefits Behind Pretend Plays for Your Boys and Girls!

"Pretend play allows children to practice at life. Whether it's something they are worried about, testing social boundaries, trying out different social roles, or practicing self-regulation skills-- play is a child's way of solving life's mysteries" - Ashley Soderlund

Pretend play has been linked to emotion regulation, language skills, cognitive reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It allows children to practice life. But most of the studies on this have been correlational and with mixed results.

One more recent intervention study looked at the relationship between pretend play and executive function skills (all of those skills that help with behavior and impulse control, emotion regulation).

Here are some main skills that can be developed at an early age when playing with pretend play

Language Skills

Have you ever sat in on your child's imaginary play with his toys or friends? You'll probably hear some words and phrases that you didn't think he knew! In fact, we frequently hear our own words reflected in children's play. Kids can do an excellent impersonation of their parents and teachers! Pretend play teaches your child about the power of language. Furthermore, by pretending to play with others, he learns that words allow him to reenact a story or organize play. This process assists your child in making the connection between spoken and written language, which will later aid him in learning to read.


Social and Emotional Skills

Pretend play is a fantastic way for children to continue developing these skills. For example, when children act out different characters, they must put themselves in the shoes of others.

If you have young children, you know how difficult it can be for them to see the world from another person's point of view! However, as they take on different roles, they begin to learn to understand the feelings of others and develop empathy.


Thinking Skills

Children must solve a lot of problems while playing make-believe, such as finding the right materials to build a spaceship or taking turns playing the same role.

Pretend play requires children to develop an idea, consider other people's perspectives, negotiate, and act out the idea as they get older and start involving their peers or family members in their games.

All of this contributes to the development of their cognitive abilities.


Nurturing the Imagination

As the scenarios are frequently far-fetched from reality, make-believe plays a significant role in pretend play.

Empty containers, dressy clothes, towels, pillows, and pretty much anything else you have lying around your house are used to create fantasy worlds. To pull this off successfully, you'll need a lot of creativity and imagination!

Tips on getting your kids starting

1. Let your Child Decide 

Sometimes parents make the mistake of attempting to control their children's pretend play. We each have our own ideas about how each activity should look and how we want our children to proceed.

2. Mixing Alone+ Social Time

It is critical to promote a balance of playing alone and with family or friends. Both of these scenarios are critical for the development of children.

3.Spark up the imagination

When deciding what kinds of toys to buy your child, avoid active toys that do everything for them — toys with buttons, directions, lights, and music. Instead, opt for passive toys that encourage your child to create.


Here is our Top 5 Staff Pick Pretend Play of the Month:

1. Handy Man Toy Tools: Popfun’s Handyman tool playset helps encourage imaginative, creative, and independent play. This toy set helps children develop fine motor skills, improve manual dexterity, and have hands-on abilities.

2. Pretend Play Cash Register: Take a stroll down the Isles of Imagination, and you’re sure to be excited for play-shopping nutritious food-fun in store for you!

3. Classic Wooden Tool BoxChallenging any Kid Builder’s creativity, and encouraging them to use their imagination to make the creation of their dreams

4. Adorable Dollhouse Furniture Set: Get the ideal gift for your little girl this next birthday or holiday, and you won’t soon regret it. Let your kids decorate a playhouse of their very own with this amazingly versatile set of play dollhouse decorations. 

5. Kid Doctor Pretend Play Set: Teach little ones about the importance of staying healthy and help them cultivate a sense of empathy when playing! It pays a long way to educate your little ones about medical knowledge early in their life. 

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