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18 Pcs Kids Pop Up Tent & Kids Camping Toys

Great Indoor and Outdoor Toy Set: A Kids Tent Offering Access to the Complete Camping Experience

The Kids Pop Up Camping Tent Set from Fun Little Toys offers 18 essential kids camping tent tools that make for the ultimate adventure camp experience! You can use them as the pop-up beach tent when you and your family go to the beach. These are also the perfect kids' play tents for you to have fun at home.

The kids' play tent comes at an incredible value and an even more astonishing array of camping must-haves: spacious and portable pop-up play tent, multi-functional utility tool, camping cookout set, light-up oil lantern, 4X zoom binoculars, multi-featured whistle, and more! The perfect pop-up beach tent and camping tent for kids!

Let your kids bring along their very own camping gear next time you’re out on one of those classic family camping trips for a quick and easy way to allow kid campers entertainment out on the ol’ dusty trail.

 Benefits of Easy Kids Pop Up Tent Camping Set

Little Camper's Collection: The Kids Pop Up Tent Camp Set includes 18 essential camping items perfect for little campers. P.S: the lantern will light up! It's not just a play lantern (batteries not included).

Camping Experience Made Easy: Everyone knows what it's like setting up camp, but these kids pop up tent sets will offer a camping experience without any of the unnecessary hassles 

Exciting Versatility:  Providing the opportunity to have an awesome camping adventure anywhere: outside or indoors, in the backyard, or in the bayou.

Multi-functional Fun: This exciting kid's camping gear includes a 4-in-1 whistle that is entertaining, practical, and educational.

Interact with Nature:  There's natural beauty to be explored all around us, and this camping collection has all the tools necessary for a little camper to enjoy it properly. The kids camping set is yours to enjoy

Here is another camping play gear set with bug-catching featuresfor your little scientist to explore nature!