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Slap Bracelets

Slide into slap excitement with Slap Bracelets from PopFun

The Slap Bracelets packs 72 kids bracelets decorated with 36 unique and vibrantly-colored designs. These timeless toys make for an exciting and entertaining experience anywhere you go, and after the slapping fun is finished, these slap bracelets for kids can be used as an awesome accessory. Whether you’re looking for a fun variation on kids friendship bracelets or a pack of party favors, these slap bracelets are the choice for you.

Kids party favors that have all the fun of interactivity 

  • Bundle of Bracelets:This products packs a bundle of 72 kids bracelets into 1 awesome product.
  • Enjoy Anywhere:Compact and comfortable, children can keep them on their wrist as an awesome accessory or slap and laugh to their heart’s content.
  • Awesome Party Favors:Holding over 70 silly slap bracelets, you can give one or two to each your esteemed guests with ease.
  • Comfortable Collection:Each slap bracelet measures out to around 8.46” inches in length, making them aptly-sized for wrists of any size.
  • Play Safe:Parents rest easy, as each bracelet is made from 100% Safe, Non-Toxic vinyl  material.