18pcs Mini Bubble Wands Treasure Eggs

“Pop pop pop! Mini Bubble Wands Easter Eggs magic that’ll push your imaginations beyond reality!”


Mini Bubble Wands Easter Eggs that Generates Bubbly Happiness!

Imagine how it’s like to create joyful moments by raining bubbles. This is a fun and exciting family activity that encourages kids to try something exciting. Bubbles do their magic by creating a whimsical environment for kids. Blowing bubbles increases the awareness of breathing patterns and helps kids become more focused on what they’re doing. Come and choose from our colorful variety.

  • 18 pre-filled Easter eggs filled with colorful mini bubbles wands
  • Suitable for summer outdoor activities and fits well with bath activities
  • 2 unique designs for the bubble wand, ice cream cone and feeding bottle
  • Mini bubble wand measures 3.5 inches, 0.69oz
  • Easter egg measures 3.9"x2.7"
  • Safe for children