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18 Plush Toys Treasure Eggs

"Be amazed by popfun's Plush Toys Easter Eggs! They come with animal pals that will keep you entertained for hours!"

18 Plush Toys Easter Eggs!

Item Description

Celebrate a fun festive Easter with popfun's Plush Toys Easter Eggs! They are prefilled with a cute variety of plushies and finger puppets! These are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts! They are also the perfect alternative to candies. These cute animal finger puppets and plushies will surely be a hit! Hide these surprise eggs around your yard or gift them as Easter treats!

  • Pack of 18 plushies prefilled Easter eggs in bright solid colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple
  • Each plastic egg contains an animal plushie
  • Egg measures approximately 3.03" Tall x 2.17" Wide
  • Features 6 aquatic creatures finger puppets (tortoise, shark, whale, octopus, starfish, and dolphin) + 6 adorable animal finger puppets (bunny, puppy, panda, hippo, cow, and bear), + 6 plushies (sheep, puppy, raccoon, bunny, duck, and bear)
  • Easy to squish and fit inside the Easter egg
  • Perfect for pretend play

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