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68 Inches Splash Pad for Kids

68 Inches Splash Pad for Kids

Can't get enough water fun? Imagine placing this sprinkler pool in your yard, garden, or beach (It is portable) - a great and easy way to cool off during Summer days when you don't want to go to the pool! It is big enough for your kids to jump around. It can keep your kids or grandkids entertained for hours!

Features of the  68 Inches Splash Pad

  • Product Info: this 68-inch splash pad, large enough to allow 2 kids, will create the best time for you and your kids during the hot summer days. There are two inflatables (10.6 inches and 12.6 inches) that can be attached to this water splash pad. The water holes around the splash pads can create water splash more than 1 meter high - the best way to spend summer times with your family.
  • The Summer Must-Have: We all know it’s hot during Summer, but it is still important to have some quality outdoor time. This sprinkle play mat provides the best solution when it comes to Summer heat and the desire to have outdoor fun. Jump on it and feel the cold water by your pool or on your lawn.
  • Ease of Use: Simply into the garden hose or PVC pipe and then adjust the water pressure to alter the spray height. The connection point to the pipe is designed with a leak-proof gasket. In the meantime, this splash pad can be easily folded up by you so that it is very portable and easy to store.
  • Design: this navy blue sprinkler play mat is printed with cute space patterns and is decorated with 2 mini inflatables.
  • Ideal Gift: Use this outdoor sprinkler pool to surprise your kids on their birthdays or Summer beach parties.