Adjustable Boxing Set for Kids

It’s an exercise day everyone - grab the Adjustable Boxing Set for Kids from PopFun

Wow - what an exciting way to exercise! The Adjustable Boxing Set for Kids arrived straight from the Fun Little Toys factory made for friends looking to engage in kid-friendly fitness. Easy-to-assemble and even easier to get exercising, offer a healthy outlet to children looking to enjoy an action-filled time of exercise. This kid fitness set even encourages the development of hand-eye coordination amongst those kids looking for an exciting way to let out the post-school jitters.

  • Wonderful Pair: The Adjustable Boxing Set Includes a Pair of Red and Black Mitts
  • Easy Assembly: This Play Set Is Easy-to-Assemble with Detailed Instructions Included in the Package
  • Marvelous Measurements: The Play Boxing Set Measures at 13.78" in Width and Stands 41.33" High
  • Strong & Durable: The Friend of Fitness Is Strong and Durable, Ensuring a Long-Lasting Entertaining Way to Exercise