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Fun Little Toys

Fire Rescue Cars Building Blocks

Kid Heroes can enjoy their very own car building blocks from PopFun

The Fire Rescue Cars Building Blocks provide the creative freedom in designing awesome fire fighting vehicles. Featuring 6 Fire Rescue heroes toys, bring them to life by following the easy, illustrated instructions packed inside or simply use your imagination! The product comes stacked with 222 pieces of kid hero building block enjoyment: featuring 1 Fire Rescue Boat, 1 Fire Helo & 4 more cars building blocks. 

  • Fire Rescue Set:Making Fire Rescue heroes toys that even little ones can enjoy, this set comes stacked with 6 Rescue Vehicles to construct.
  • Wild Variety:The Fire Rescue Cars Building Blocks comes packed with 1 Fire Rescue Boat, 1 Fire Helo & 4 Classically Designed Fire Rescue Trucks. 
  • Bold Colors:These building blocks for kids come stacked in beautiful, bold reds. 
  • Channeling Creativity:This toy building playset encourages children to channel their creativity & challenge themselves in new, exciting ways.
  • Easy to Play:Little engineers can follow the step-by-step illustrations or use their creativity when it comes to building.