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Fun Little Toys

Giant Halloween Spiders

Spooky season deserves a wild pack of Giant Halloween Spiders 

The Giant Halloween Spiders Haven from Fun Little Toys comes packed with a giant queen spider, guaranteed to bewitch your beloved guests this Halloween season. If you’re trying to set an amusingly macabre mood at your holiday parties, this giant spider set holds a dazzling, daunting diameter, and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. No matter where you place this freaky giant legged fiend, it’s going to leave a splash on your holiday celebrations. People can see these 8-legged spiders from a long-distance away, making your haunted house the most exciting in the bunch. Go ahead and get creative with your placement, the Giant Halloween Spider and its accompanying haven can be placed almost anywhere.

  • Black Widow’s Haven:The Giant Halloween Spiders from Fun Little Toys provides that elusive element of holiday haunts that every house of horror needs
  • Frighteningly Multi-Functional:The Giant Halloween Spiders makes an excellent addition to any festively-frightening home, and can be placed in a variety of places
  • Hauntingly High-Quality:This larger-than-life sized Halloween ghoul is designed from 100% polyester: soft, durable, and washable
  • Classically-Scary Design:The spider has been a symbol for just about everything scary since our country adopted this hallowed holiday
  • Lightweight Decoration, Heavy Wallet:These Halloween decorations make it so you, too, can breakout into the world of Halloween haunts without breaking the bank