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Hanging Light Cocoon Corpse

Product Description

Get ready for haunted nights with the Hanging Light Cocoon Corpse

The Hanging Light Cocoon Corpse can be hung anywhere. Any spooky scene that you’d like to create can be done in a heartbeat with this exciting hanging Halloween decoration. Arriving designed with an excellent lanyard system, take hold of this tall and freaky friend and hang him from the any height. Interactive and engaging, this hanging décor is going to provide that special haunt this Halloween holiday. To be sure, this hanging decoration for Halloween is a high-quality haunter. Guests won’t be able to distinguish between your haunted house party decorations and those scenes so-often seen at amusement parks. Tall and towering, the Halloween Hanging Light Cocoon Corpse measures out to 43” inches in length. Set the scene for something amusingly menacing by hanging this haunted friend in the backyard, or even in the haunted house itself. 

  • Creepy Cocoon:The Hanging Light Cocoon Corpse straight from the tombs of the freakiest pharaohs is roaming the roads, looking for a place to rest – and enjoys “hanging out” all around the house
  • Electronic Amazement:This Corpse is easy to excite. That’s right – it’s animatronic! Bound to bring fright & delight wherever it decides to hang out that night, friends and family are promised to feel the excitement when the Halloween Mummy shakes from left to right as someone walks by
  • True to Life: 43.3" inches in height, this scary skeleton body comes wrapped in fabric and gauze, scaring all who pass by
  • Easy Setup:This corpse makes for an easy time when decorating for the festivities. Designed with a simple lanyard system, pick up the lightweight and portable decoration and hang it from any hook, or nail throughout the house
  • Worry-Free Warranty: This product comes alongside a 90 day worry free warranty
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