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Magnetic Doodling Board with Sound

Get Doodling with the Magnetic Doodling Board from PopFun

Parents, what child doesn’t love to doodle? As entertaining and important as doodling is, the drawing board provides more than just the opportunity for little Picassos a chance for perfecting their next painting. 4 crucial geometric shapes have been built into the margins of this magic maker: square, circle, triangle, and star. Children can learn the basic shapes necessary to the foundational understanding of mathematics and engineering at their own pace, and during their own doodle time! There’s no better way to create an environment that’s ripe for not only creativity but creative learning geometry too.


  • Lights & Sounds: Musical magnetic drawing board, measuring 15.35" inches long and 11.81" inches high, activates different tones and lights
  • Variety Bundle: This doodling board packs all sorts of fun variety, featuring a cute dog bone drawer, and all sorts of shapes and sounds

  • Vivid Colors: The Magnetic Doodle Board features all sorts of fun, bright, bold colors such as Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow

  • Value Bundle: The product comes featuring a mini-doodle board alongside its bigger pal

  • Battery Powered: All that's required to power this doodle pad are 3 AA Batteries, not included in the purchase