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Magnetic Toy Darts

Enjoy the relaxing fun of darts with a dartboard set that won’t harm walls and hurt your kids!

This magnetic dartboard kit includes a reversible dartboard with a sturdy hanging rope for easy hanging anywhere, plus 6 magnetic darts (3 red + 3 blue), which is helpful when playing against another player. 

Hang this magnetic dartboard from any wall or door, set your sights on the target, and toss! With double-sided boards, this game is double the fun. The board size is good at a diameter of 15 inches which is a nice board target size. 

Safe magnetic darts are made from a very durable type of plastic that has exceptional high wear and tear resistance. They have the safety of magnets to protect young players from injury and protect your home from damaged walls or floors. Darts easily fly through the air toward their target to stick to the board with no trouble. Test your skills, can you hit the most point spot? Different point systems create challenges, engage children to practice their hand-eye coordination, plus, concentration and early math skills get a big boost with the magnetic dart game.


  • Approx. 18.5’’ x 17’’ double-sided magnetic dartboard for kids, features a classic dartboard on one side, the bulls-eye targeting on the other
  • The darts-board is a good size with a diameter of 15 inches and has magnetic properties, fitted with a rope hanger
  • 6 safe magnetic darts (red & blue) are supplied with it, 3 in each color; featuring blunt-flat magnetic tips with super strong neodymium magnetism for safe play, never harm walls or hurt kids
  • A fun & addictive game for all ages to play indoor or outdoor; hang this magnetic canvas dartboard from any wall or door in the office, game rooms, homes, or against a fence, tree in the garden, and more
  • Comes with an extra protective pouch, dartboard can be rolled up and stored away into it