Mini City Streetscape Building Blocks

Discover The Joy Of Engineering With Fun Little Toy's Mini City Streetscape Building Blocks!

Calling all Kid Builders – there’s a city to be built! The  Mini City StreetScapearrived from PopFun Headquarters. Where will you begin? There are City Buildings to be created…and 700City Building Blocks for Kid Builders to enjoy! These toy building sets make for city-sized playtime entertainment. Kid Builders can use their creativity to shape their city however theywould like – and at the end of the day, their city is bound to catch your eye! How will you begin, Kid Builder…the Kid Candy Shop and the Doctor Hospital? Great choice!

  • 6 Awesome StreetScapeBuildings: Candy Shop, Hospital, Big Burger, and more!
  • Jam-Packed With 700 City Building Blocks For Kid Builders
  • Premium Quality Play Pieces
  • Recommended For Kid Builders Ages 3 & Up
  • Engages A Child’s Creativity During Playtime