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Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat

The Perfect Playmat has Arrived, the Purple EVA Foam Floor Mats For Kids

The Purple Animal Playmat set includes 9 ground mats, 12 fence foam mats, and 4 gate mats. Waterproof, Non-Skid, and Stain Resistant, our Playmats serve as a great place for your baby to interact with the world while in the safety of your own home. Beautifully colored and wonderfully straightforward, our Playmats will certainly prove a necessary addition to your home. Enjoy a playmat that's decorated with all sorts of exciting animals for your little ones to enjoy. 

Best Eva Foam Flooring Mats

  • All the Materials:The Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat contains 25 unique pieces
  • Spacious and Versatile:Laid flat, the Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat measures over 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet (45.5’’ x 45.5’’)
  • Made with Care:The baby play mat has been made entirely from superior quality EVA Purple Foam Mats from Fun Little Toys
  • Safety First:Use this play mat anywhere: hardwood-flooring, tile, even concrete surfaces. Waterproof, Non-Skid, and Stain Resistant EVA Foam
  • Nature’s Beauty:The EVA Purple Foam Mats for kids is adorned with a variety of animals that can be observed on land and sea