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Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat

Tidying up around the house comes with its own difficulties, but our Playmat Set is easy to clean using something as simple as a damp cloth and a couple drops of soap.

Item Description

The Purple Animal Playmat set includes 9 ground mats, 12 fence mats, and 4 gate mats. Waterproof, Non-Skid, and Stain Resistant, our Playmats serve as a great place for your baby to interact with the world while in the safety of your own home. Beautifully-colored and wonderfully straight-forward, our Playmats will certainly prove a necessary addition to your home. 

Feel the Difference

Our high-density EVA Foam offers unmatched comfort and durability. We have ensured that the Interlocking Playmats fit together perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about them coming apart in use. Provide your babies with the best Playmats available, keeping them safe, comfortable, and entertained.


  • With 25 pieces, our Playmat Set includes 9 ground mats, 12 fence mats, and 4 gate mats. 
  • Laid flat, the Purple Animal Playmat measures over 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet (45.5’’ x 45.5’’). Want to put the fence mats up? You will still have plenty of space for your little one to crawl around: a wonderfully open ground room measuring over 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet (34.2” x 34.2”). Our fence mats stand just over 6 inches high (6.3”), giving you peace of mind and your little one safety of play. The Purple Animal Playmat square tiles measure roughly one-foot all around (11.81” x 11.81”), and each tile is approximately one half-inch thick (0.47”), guaranteeing your little one a safe, and comfortable, cushion for those knees or elbows.
  • Our Playmats have been crafted entirely from superior quality EVA Foam. Chemical free: 100% free of lead, phthalates, and heavy metals; not only meeting, but also surpassing the standards of ASTM, CPSIA, and US Toy Safety. 
  • Use the Purple Animal Playmat anywhere: hardwood-flooring, tile, even concrete surfaces. Waterproof, Non-Skid, and Stain Resistant EVA Foam tiles provide extra soft-cushioned mats to protect your babies from every little bump on their journey from crawling to sitting and walking. 
  • The Purple Animal Playset is adorned with a variety of animals, land and sea: rabbits and penguins, squirrels or dolphins, elephants and alligators, horses and pigeons. 

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