Fun Little Toys

Puzzle Erasers

A set of puzzle erasers offering trendy back to school style

The Puzzle Erasers provides kids with 72 exciting and entertaining additions to the school day! An eclectic collection made up of high-quality rubber material, these erasers come guaranteeing a smudge-free, and enjoyable way to clean the slate. Brightly-colored and easy to use, your kids will be erasing stray marks and everyday mistakes with a smile on their face. Containing plenty of uniquely-designed emoji erasers, your child will never have a lack of variety to stack in their pencil pack.


  • Endless Creations: Emoji Erasers includes fruity erasers, a wide selection of animal erasers, instrument erasers, and so much more
  • Clean Slate:A back to school eraser pack for kids promising a smudge-free, and enjoyable way to clean the slate
  • Multi-Use Gift:Use these colorful erasers as a gift to the classroom, or parcel them out to your kids one fun-emoji at a time
  • Fun-Sized Erasability:Fun Little Toys designed these erasers to be the perfect size for kids. Each eraser in these cool kids school supplies measures between 1-2” in height
  • Individually-Wrapped:For the sake of cleanliness and giftability, this pretty-looking eraser pack holds each item within its own individual packaging