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Fun Little Toys

Robot Building Blocks

Engineer your way into the future with the Robot Building Blocks from PopFun

Experience an 80s robot toy like no other - the Robot Building Blocks provide that perfect mix of nostalgia & looking towards the future. Grab hold of the robot blocks and feel the classic, retro vibe all while channeling your creativity and stoking the fires of imagination inside. Featuring 4 bold & brazen robots in 1 product, kid engineers are going to absolutely love each and every little robot toy. 

  • 4-in-1:The Robot Building Blocks provide 4 awesome bots in 1 great product.
  • Transforming Entertainment:Kids have the capability to put together each of the 4 robots, making 1 awesome mecha-giant.
  • Easy Assembly:The snap-apart technology in these building blocks makes it easy for children to assemble & disassemble any of the building bricks.
  • Awesome Engineering:Encourages the wonder of creation with parents and children alike. 
  • Safe for Play:The Robot Building Blocks are recommended for children ages 6 & up, and have been produced with the perfect plastic materials. 

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