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Snowflake Rubber Set 500 pieces

"Unleash your inner creativity with Popfun's Snowflake Rubber Bucket!"

Whimsical Snowflake Rubber Bucket!

Item Description

There are no rules for this activity! It’s just you and your creativity! Popfun's Snowflake Rubber set includes 500 pieces of colorful interlocking flakes discs that click together to create a variety of shapes. When kids pick up these flakes, they can assemble them into various models! Young ones will find themselves stacking and connecting these colorful flakes to create everything and anything they like. From trees to animals to vehicles - you name it! This toy improves the coordination and dexterity of young children! Let's keep both their minds and bodies active!

  • AWESOME DEAL: 500 pieces of colorful interlocking flakes discs used to create whatever pops into your mind
  • A GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR BUILDING BLOCKS: Personalize your Snowflake Rubber toy by shaping it into a geometric figure rather than typical shapes
  • Comes in assorted colors!
  • Connect those angular edges to create open-ended designs
  • Snap blocks together to build them up and let kids’ innovation and creativity shine for hours to come
  • AWESOME GIFT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Ideal travel toys for kids; perfect for daycare, playroom, nursery, home, etc.

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