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Spaceship Mini Building Blocks

Shoo, Look at the Spaceship flying.Unique and cool design, kids will be absolutely attracted by the appearance of a starship. Our Spaceship Mini Building Blocks are a cool gift for space little fans.

Mysterious Spaceship Mini Building Blocks.

Kids can integrate their constructions into pretend play scenarios, which a helpful link with the creativity of the spirit in later life. Buy this Spaceship building blocks today to surprise your little ones.

  • Package Dimension:8.9 × 7.7 × 3.9 inches
  • Item weights: 1.1 pounds
  • Set of 12 Space War Themed Building Blocks to build a variety of starships; each comes with an individual box & highly detailed instructions included
  • Compatible and Tight Fit with all major building blocks brands; recommended for 6+ ages boys and girls
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED:All toys meet American Toy Safety Standards.