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The Grim Reaper

The time has come to face The Grim Reaper this holiday

The scene is set for the spookiest Halloween yet. A Halloween reveler walking through the garden in the front yard when they spot something floating in-between the arms of the once-lively trees. Letting out a gasp, they’re filled with frightening amounts of festivity having seen the Halloween Hanging Reapers from Fun Little Toys floating around the empty space in the sky. Upon further examination, the garden guest notices that these Halloween hanging Grim Reapers are hung on the trees by strong lanyards located near their Skeleton Skulls. The string material isn’t likely to break anytime soon, making their time in the air all the more extended. Setting up these indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations is simple: take one of the beautifully adorned reapers and hang it from a tree branch, or from a wall or ceiling hook outside or inside the house. 

  • Classic Collection:The Halloween Hanging Reaper represents the most classic collection of Halloween spirit available today. Featuring 1 frighteningly fun hanging reaper to delight & fright family, friends, and guests enjoying festive nights inside
  • Marvelously Moldable:This product provides the perfect Halloween party decoration to any home – haunted or not! Add a special Halloween charm to any house once you hang up these cute Halloween finds. This classically spooky spirit has arms that can be molded into any shape you’d like
  • Effortless Assembly:These Halloween hanging ghosts are designed with long-lasting lanyards, making setup simple and decoration enjoyable. All that’s required to get these ghouls flying is a friendly hook or nail to hang on
  • Portable & Storable:The Halloween Hanging Reaper takes indoor seasonal decorations to the next level – representing a comical spirit is extremely lightweight & easily foldable
  • Long-Lasting Fright:Enjoy the product from spooky season to spooky season, as these Halloween Haunters have been made from premium quality materials meant to last