Fun Little Toys

Toy Police Cars

PopFun presents the Toy Police Cars with lights and sirens

Pull the friction-powered Carrier Truck back and simply release it for action-packed speeds that’ll excite the crew inside: featuring 12 Police Protection cars for kids that’ll measure up to any task. Holding a length of 3” inches, and displaying a variety of Police Protection excitement, each vehicle is die-cast and crafted with premium-quality, play-police grade material. Snap open the sides of the Carrier Truck and unleash this car-rific collection of police car toys: Hailstorm Helo Police Chopper, Siren Sea Vehicle, Armored SWAT Truck, and so much more! Switch that button on top of the Police Rescue Carrier Truck to activate the Flashing Lights & Sirens, showing bystanders you’re prepared to clean up their city.

Get on board with best kids car toys in town

  • 12-in-1 Fun: 12 Police Cars in 1 Cop Carrier Truck making for 12-in-1 fun
  • Fully Functional: The Police Carrier Truck comes installed with fully functional lights and sirens
  • Simply Powered: The only requirement to get this police car functioning are 3 AA Batteries, not included in the purchase 
  • Our Heroes:Fun Little Toys designed these police toys for kids to represent role models they can really look up to
  • Easy Storage: Storage can be done in a snap with the snap-on cover in the carrier truck